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Most patients choose to have their labia plasty performed in the office with local anesthesia. When accompanied by a driver, the patients are comfortable with a small amount of a “relaxation” pill taken by mouth before we begin. This medicine with not change your level of consciousness. You will still be awake. However,  you will feel more relaxed.

Dr Sadove will apply a cream on your labia which allows you to be comfortable with the injection from a tiny needle, the size which diabetics use to inject themselves with insulin daily. The key to a comfortable injection is the care and concern Dr Sadove has, in order to inject local anesthesia slowly to assure a small amount of discomfort. This injection is the only discomfort you will feel during the procedure.

You are welcome to bring your own headphones and favorite music if you wish during the procedure. Otherwise, we will be speaking together which the procedure is performed.

Some patients do not want a local anesthetic and request a general anesthetic.  We honor such requests and then can perform your procedure and the Surgical Pavilion for North Florida Regional Medical.

Dr Sadove and staff practice at the North Florida Surgical Center. Your procedure will also be under the direct supervision of some of the most qualified and experienced Board Certified physician anesthesiologists you can find. http://www.northfloridasurgicalpavilion.com/

North Florida Surgical Pavilion is an ambulatory surgery practice center licensed by the State of Florida Agency for Health Care Administration, and affiliated with North Florida Regional Medical Center.

The Surgical Pavilion has attained full accreditation by the Accreditation Association for Ambulatory Health Care (AAAHC).  Our accreditation is a symbol that we are committed to providing high quality care by measuring up to the rigorous, nationally recognized standards for quality health care services established by AAAHC.  Our accreditation gives you that extra measure of confidence you deserve in your health care providers.  It’s one more way for us to say “We care about you”.

Surgical fees must be paid in advance of your procedure. If you request a general anesthetic  at the Surgical Paviltion, you may pay online at Pay your bill online.

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