About Dr. Sadove Genital Rejuvenation & Cosmetic Plastic Surgeon in Gainesville, Florida

Dr. Richard Sadove is one of the few cosmetic plastic surgeons in Gainesville Florida, USA to have completed a Fellowship in Genital Reconstructive Surgery. The choice is yours: a specialist in genital surgery or someone with casual experience.. Now a board certified cosmetic plastic surgeons in Gainesville, Florida area, he offers various genital cosmetic plastic surgery options in Florida. Dedicated to excellence and continuing education, Dr. Sadove is proud to offer his services to plastic surgery patients for over 30 years.

ABMS approved Fellowship Certificate

Dr. Sadove’s genital cosmetic plastic surgeons experience is incomparable, having performed vaginal reconstruction for both birth deformities and cancer reconstruction. He has written a major textbook chapter on the subject. Labiaplasty is an operation Dr. Sadove has performed for over 30 years. This is very different from other cosmetic plastic surgeons who only recently are interested in the subject.

Dr. Sadove obtained his Bachelors degree from Washington University, and received his Masters degree in Surgery from the University of Illinois. Dr. Sadove then attended Rush Medical College where he received his Medical Degree. Following his medical degree, Dr. Sadove completed a general surgery residency at Rush Medical College and completed a prestigious plastic surgery residency in Norfolk, Virginia.

Dr. Sadove has been invited to speak and teach other plastic surgeons in over 26 countries around the world and is actively involved in many leading medical societies including::

With over 40 published books and articles in respected peer reviewed Journals, Dr. Sadove has received numerous awards and honors in the United States and across the globe. He has been an editor of the Aesthetic Plastic Surgery Journal for a decade.

Dr. Richard Sadove has hospital privileges at North Florida Regional Medical Center and operates at the Surgical Pavilion where he is a member of the Board.

He is also President of  the Board of Directors of the Florida Museum of Natural History and Gainesville Master Chorale.

Richard Sadove MD, Florida Plastic Surgeon, performs a full range of Plastic Surgery procedures with a special emphasis on female genital rejuvenation.

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