You Shouldn’t Have To Feel Embarrassed Or Uncomfortable

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Concerns about the size and appearance of one’s labia could lead to emotional and psychological distress. In some women, it is considerable enough to make them feel ashamed of the way they look both in and out of clothes. Often, this is because of longer, often pigmented, labia minora, frequently in younger patients.

External female genitalia lose elasticity and volume with age. Few surgical specialists have the experience and ability to rejuvenate the labia major with fat grafting. It requires the skill of fat grafting in general. Other patients will prefer to use Hyaluronic Acid filler, which is commonly used in the face. A second syringe on each side is required after a number of months.  The slang term used today is a “puff”. see photos

Pigmentation of the genital area is also a serious concern for many. We have the medicinal creams which removes embarrassing pigmentation. 


You Shouldn’t Have To Endure Painful Sex Or Sports

enlarged labia irritation in sports


A long labia can rub against the fabric of the underwear and become sore due to friction. This may lead to small tears in the labia which could later lead to pain and inflammation. This is especially true among women who are active or engage in many different kinds of sports, or wear tight clothing.

Patients often report concern for discomfort from tugging or twisting of long labia during sexual intercourse.


SADOVE PLASTIC SURGERY LABIAPLASTY IN NORTH FLORIDA – Remote or in person consultations- We zoom with most patients for the initial consultation and follow-up. 

We respect your privacy. Many patients do not want to write a review regarding genitals where their name is in the required email address. We have so many happy patients from the last 40 years of work.

Labiaplasty is a word that describes a procedure that shortens the length of the labia minora, or inner lips next to the vagina. The procedure is performed frequently and with ever increasing popularity.

There are a variety of reasons why a woman requests the procedure. Sometimes it is due to pain or discomfort from tugging or twisting of the labia during sexual intercourse or sports like riding a bicycle.

The other reason is simply self-consciousness or embarrassment during intimate relations. Other times, a large labia is visible through shorts or a swimsuit.

When the labia minora hangs below the major and the major do not close over them, the surgery is performed to correct this situation.  At times, one side is significantly larger than the other and the two can be made closer in size. However, most often both sides are reduced so that they no longer twist or tug.

Dr. Sadove is one of the few Plastic Surgeons in the USA to have completed an ABMS approved Fellowship in Genital Reconstructive Surgery, after his full residency in General and Plastic Surgery. He is gentle and kind, taking care that you have little discomfort. The choice is yours: a true specialist in genital surgery or someone with casual experience.. Now serving the greater North Florida region, he offers labiaplasty to patients coming from all over the USA. Consultations are remote on Zoom prior to our patients traveling for their procedure. Our patients send us a photo prior to the consultation. There is no nudity at the time of the consultation by video. Dedicated to excellence and continuing education, Dr. Sadove is proud to offer his services to plastic surgery patients for over 30 years.

For reasons Dr Sadove will explain at the time of the consultation, he prefers a plastic surgery labiaplasty procedure which uses a common plastic surgery technique called a W plasty. Extra skin folds of the clitoral hood can also be removed at the same time.  Fine absorbable stitches are used which melt away with time and do not need to be removed.

A week from heavy work is the usual time required. During this time patients are encouraged to take frequent baths with Epsom salt and use a small amount of Vaseline for comfort along with a vaginal pad.

Tampons and sexual intercourse is usually resumed after four to six weeks. This is not the end of the healing period. All wounds continue to soften and mature for six months.

Patients are very happy with the results. Many scientific studies have found over 90% patient satisfaction rates. More than any other field of plastic surgery, patients do not want to do reviews with their name associated. It is understandable.  Your privacy will be respected and your photos not placed in public unless you tell us otherwise. To know more about labiaplasty, contact us now!

In 2018, the FDA sent out a stern warning against the use of energy devices (laser therapy) to perform “vaginal rejuvenation,” and for procedures to treat symptoms related to sexual function, because of worries about adverse events. We do not perform laser treatments of the vagina. 

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Dr. Richard Sadove is an excellent choice for any type of cosmetic surgery he truly cares about his Patients . I am very pleased with my nose work , not only for appearance reasons but because my breathing has improved as well. I was very scared to have my nose worked on . But thanks to Dr. Sadove and his staff they made me very comfortable during this whole process . I Am very pleased with my outcome and will definitely recommend Dr.Sadove 100 Percent satisfied. THANK YOU DR. RICHARD SADOVE

Hala Q.

FANTASTIC! I had upper blepharoplasty, lypo on mylar bags under eyes, and red laser for wrinkles. The results are amazing. I look younger, no one tells me I look tired anymore, and I feel great, AND he saved me a couple thousand dollars! I consulted with four surgeons and got high estimates on extra procedures I didn't need. The after care was caring and thorough. All the office staff was polite and I recommend him to anyone wanting facial work.

Elaine Sauerman

The moment I was diagnosed with collapsed breast implants, I started searching high and low fo the best of plastic surgeons. I knew immediately during our initial consultation (of many) that in Dr. Sadove I had finally found the professional and compassionate plastic surgeon I had been looking for. It's been a year since my breast implant removal and reaugmentation. I couldn't be happier with my "Gummy Bear" Implants. Love them! They feel and look so natural! Thank you Dr. Sadove for the high level of care you and your fabulous staff so graciously rendered to me and my family. To this day, you make me feel like family.

Magdalena Resto

I am very pleased that I chose Dr. Sadove to perform my cosmetic procedures. He is a confident,dedicated professional. During the initial consultation all my questions were answered and my concerns addressed. I left feeling no apprehension and had no doubts that I was making the right decision. He is a very talented surgeon who strives to achieve the most natural result possible. I am extremely pleased with my results and happily and wholeheartedly recommend Dr. Sadove to anyone who is considering cosmetic surgery.

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I could not be more pleased with the services received at Sadove Cosmetic Surgery. Dr. Sadove is an exemplary practitioner who excels in his surgical skills and bedside manner; his staff is the best; and the results achieved on me were nothing short of superb. In fact, the procedure was so successful it has left me and my friends and family in complete awe. I started receiving compliments on how refreshed and great I looked within 9 days of my procedure. Furthermore, I went back to work in two weeks without anyone even suspecting major surgery had been performed on my face and neck. Within three weeks, I was able to wear my hair pulled back and still no one noticed anything. Bruising was minimal and the scars follow a natural curvature--meaning, they literally hide themselves. All I can say is thank you, thank you, thank you: I no longer dread looking in the mirror. I am so grateful to have selected the best of the best for my procedure. Because I don't make the big bucks, I thought something like this was out of my reach. But after the initial estimate, I figured it out and his staff assisted in every possible way with working out the details to assist me in making it happen. It was truly a bang for the buck in terms of quality, service, and outcome. I would encourage anyone who is considering plastic surgery and who desires a natural look to schedule a consult with Dr. Sadove. Your friends and family will go nuts trying to figure out why you look so GOOD! It is your choice to share what you had done, as no one will figure it out unless you divulge! How absolutely wonderful it is that this stellar professional has chosen to establish his practice and share his exceptional skills right here in our community.

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