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    Monsplasty FUPA Reduction

    Mons Pubis Fat in Men and Woman
    Also known as Fat Upper Pubic Area

    The Mons Pubis or FUPA( Fat Upper Pubic Area) pubic fat is the loose layer of fat tissue that may bulge and hang over the lower abdominal area and above the genitalia. There are many causes. If fat alone, it may be from weight gain.  When due to excess fat, it is treated with liposuction. When modest in size, this area can often be treated with local anesthesia in the office. There may not be a need for General Anesthesia in an Operating Room

    When due to excess skin only, it may be from weight loss or aging. Skin removal under local anesthesia is used when due to skin excess or laxity.

    Women are often distressed and embarrassed by bulging of this area which may be visible in swimsuits, yoga pants, or undergarments. It is often present after pregnancy. Reduction of this mound is associated with great satisfaction.

    Excess skin of the upper vaginal area/ Mons can also be dramatically rejuvenated with a low “reverse mini tummy tuck” which lifts the FUPA Mons area and is know as a Monsplasty