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    Before and After Labiaplasty Cosmetic Surgery

    When you view before and after labiaplasty photos of some of Dr R Sadove’s patients, you will see actual results he has achieved and get a better sense of the possible outcomes following surgery. All photos are his work alone. Many patients do not wish to have their photos public. We respect this decision and all patients have agreed to have their photos made public in order to help others understand the importance of choosing Dr Sadove. In addition to these natural non-operated appearing photos provided for our online visitors, many more photos are available when you come in for a consultation. Results may vary.

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    It’s often said images are even more powerful than words when used to describe things, and if you work in the labiaplasty cosmetic surgery profession, you’re even more aware of the power of pictures.

    Images are especially effective when used to show results, or progress over time, through before and after labiaplasty surgery photos.  The photos motivate people to act. If you look at these photos you will understand the importance in that they encourage people to take action. Especially when you understand that these are everyday individuals., not models or photoshops.

    The images are mostly from a straight on view. Some are in a standing position. The lighting is with a camera flash and the settings are not always the same as much time often transpires between images.

    This is why In some cases, it may not be possible for the before and after labiaplasty images to have significant similarity.  Dr Sadove is after all a labiaplasty cosmetic surgeon and not a professional photographer.

    The photographs are so important because sometimes it’s extremely hard to put a patient’s mind at ease when they’re considering changing the way they look. Patients often want photographic proof of a doctors skill level. Which is fair enough. It is, however, not always easy as sometimes a before or after image is not ok, or the patient does not agree for the image to be public, especially the genitals.

    Before and after labiaplasty cosmetic surgery, imagery can be a deciding factor when patients are making a big decisions regarding having a surgical procedure. For example, a patient might have been thinking about having labiaplasty cosmetic surgery for many years, but they may have difficulty imagining the outcome. The photos make it much easier for the patient to imagine the result.

    The photos you see above  emphasize the seriousness of  the issue with which Dr Sadove takes the surgery.