Genital Skin Area Whitening & Lightening

Genital skin area whitening & lightening is a common request. Sadove Plastic Surgery uses an established safe topical protocol using a mild proven Zo skin care product.

Invisipeel, Brightalive, and Retinol Genital Skin Brightener are all mild products used by thousands of people every day.

After an initial period of 2-3 weeks, Dr Sadove will usually supplement a stronger Retinol Genital Skin Brightener to be used morning and evening. The percentage of genital skin area lightening & whitening can then be altered as tolerated by the patient.

After the topical Zo program, the genital skin area is ready for office treatment. A Stimulator Peel can be performed in office to assist in offloading excess pigmentation. Great care is used to not leave the peel on too long in order to avoid any hard to the thin skin.

There are several tips of wisdom and experience which are shared with genital skin lightening patients during their therapy.