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Gentle Refined Plastic Surgery Technique

Slide1Double Opposing Z-plasty Technique

Dr R Sadove first described this technique many years ago. It is based upon the similar concept which is used to separate the fingers of children born with two fingers fused together, cleft palate, and many other problems. The Z-plasty technique is leaves a “Z” shaped incision which avoids the risks of painful straight line scar band contraction. As in eyelid surgery, fine instruments and sutures are used along with gentle plastic surgery technique on the delicate tissue.

Labia tissues are extremely delicate and must be treated with the fine technique, instruments, and sutures that an experienced cosmetic surgeon also uses on other tissues such as eyelids.
“Trim” and “wedge” techniques leave straight line scars and other problems. Dr Sadove was the first to describe the use of the “double opposing Z plasty” technique decades ago. It is the same concept used in the separation of fingers in babies born with hand problems.

On occasion, the skin over the clitoris ( clitoral hood) may be removed in a manner similar to removal of prepuce skin on a male penis.